Leg Day

I have a love/hate relationship with leg day. I desperately want to get my legs back in shape and see the definition that I used to have. On the flip side though, leg day sucks! I’m still feeling the run from yesterday and now my workout from this morning. Hurts so good!


Push It!

This morning was day three of interval training and I’m improving my distance already! Completed a total of 2.72 miles today and I couldn’t be happier 😄 I’m thinking Friday I will keep the same pace when I complete the training again and try running a 5k on the treadmill Saturday morning. I need to start looking into available races earlier than the November race I was planing on completing.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

My Inner Runner

My inner runner is starting to show her face again and I couldn’t be more excited. I ran my interval training program again this morning and it felt great! I’m thinking at my current pace I may be ready for my 5k faster than I thought. I need to review the schedule for runs in my area and see when I can run my first one.

Super excited!

I forgot to post my motivation for today so here it is!


So Here I Am…

So here I am sitting in bed, dressed to workout, at 6:45am on my girls weekend waiting for someone to wake up and get the key to the community gym. It was a lesson in reality last night that due to kids I can’t stay up until midnight without the help of an energy drink. I know, I know. They are horrible for you but I didn’t want to call it a night before 10pm like I normally do. I haven’t seen my best friend in almost 2 years.

So here I still sit, up since 6:15, anxiously awaiting someone to wake up so I can get a good workout in. Contemplating banging some pans at this point 😜

What A Week!

Seriously! What a week this has been. It seems like it has been creeping by since I’ve been looking forward to my girls weekend in Orlando.

Got in two good workouts Wednesday and Thursday. I’m proud to say I actually ran a 10 min mile Thursday when I haven’t run in years. Plus I got a compliment from hubby calling me Ms. Muscles during a shoulder rub 😃 Not bad for three weeks into my working out again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and takes time out for themselves. I’m definitely looking forward to it!!!!