Refuse to Snooze

I am beyond dragging today. It was so tempting to hit snooze this morning. Yesterday was little dudes first day of 2nd grade and munchkin moved from the 1 year old room to the 2 year old room. On top of that our 6 month old German Shepard was spayed yesterday so she was all kinds of pitiful. I managed to get a good leg workout in yesterday and I’m starting to feel the after effects now. Wearing new heels on leg day wasn’t the brightest things I’ve done in a while!

Today I focused on upper body and used the free motion machine for a couple exercises. I finished up with a mile on the stair climber and have to say I was pretty happy with yesterday and today’s workouts. Sometimes I walk out of the gym feeling really confident and other times I feel like I could have done more.

Happy almost hump day!


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