Off Day

Felt off this morning and randomly decided to snooze. Thought I would feel better but no such luck. Hoping to get out of this funk soon. 😕


Slow and Steady

So Thursday my program increased the number if intervals to run and it went great, ran a total of 3.93 miles then did weight training on Friday. Today I picked up my pace and crossed over the 4 mile mark within the same time constraints as Thursday! Slowly but surely I’m increasing my distance and I’m beyond excited!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday 😃

Great Start

Had a great start back to my interval training. I’m noticing a great change in my stamina already! Finished up with 3.73 miles today, not enough time to do anything else while at the gym. Tomorrow I’m supposed to hit the 4 mile mark 😃


Short and sweet

Friday made it back and did my kettle bell routine and a one mile run. Back today but was running late so I did 1.6 miles. Tomorrow is a 45 min walk/run that’s going to kick my butt!


Disappearing Act

Well the stomach bug pretty much exhausted me and wore my immune system down. I have been battling a head/chest cold for almost a week now. I’m finally feeling up for a run today. Wish I could go tonight but I have so much homework to work on so I can turn it in on time tomorrow. Nothing like going to school full-time and working full- time. This is my first time taking two classes so time management is something I am going to struggle with until I get into a new rhythm.

Hope everyone that reads this is doing ok and avoiding all the bugs flying around!