Gone In a Flash

Why do the weekends seem to disappear so quickly? I had every intention of going running Saturday morning until my daughter asked if she could have pancakes for breakfast. I decided that my run could wait because it was more important to spend the morning with her and my hubby. We spent most of our day playing at home in our pj’s and I have to say it was pretty amazing, haven’t done that in I don’t know how long!

Looking forward to weights tonight!


Oh My Quad!

leg day

Hello leg day! This morning we rocked our leg workout! It felt so good to challenge myself and see how far I could push myself. Can’t wait to start seeing my progress now that we will be going into week 3 of weight training.

Looking forward to my outdoor run tomorrow with Bella. Happy almost weekend everyone!


Late Night Weights

Missed weights in the AM due to a toddler in my bed when my alarm went off so we ventured out with the big boys and lifted last night. Definitely felt those split squats again as well as the lunges last night….and still feeling this morning. I’ve been dragging for the last day and a half and I am hoping to get out of this funk some time soon because it’s really getting old.

Jello Arms

I have to say with increasing my weights today my arm workout was much more fulfilling than last week! My arms were definitely shaking for each rep of the bench press. Working my way up to 8-12 reps, only able to do three sets of 5 right now but you have to start somewhere. Feeling much better like the funk is starting to lift. Looking forward to keeping on track with full body day tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Anyone have a rewind button I can use because today has gone all wrong! It started last night and bled into this morning when I realized I fell asleep while laying down with my two year old and woke up at 5am stranding my friend at the gym. Managed to get out of the house remotely on time only to realize once I was on the highway that I forgot my purse at home…which means no wallet, no glasses, no keys to my office!

Ready for this day to be over with so I can start fresh tomorrow!

Another Day in Paradise

Got in a semi-early run this morning and shaved 10 seconds off my mile! Went running with our German Shepherd Bella who sets a great pace. Spent the afternoon in the pool with the family which is always a blast! Rounding out the day with a family trip to Costco.

Hope everyone has had a great start to their weekend and enjoy the rest!