Meal Prep Like Woah

Just ordered these bad boys after making the decision to commit to healthier eating habits. There are some days where I skip lunch or eat out. Not only will this be better for my health, my wallet will be happier! 

I’ve been doing some research in go to items from Aldis and I am on a mission to pick those up and prep for the week: all 5 lunches and 3-4 dinners. I’ll post my Aldis haul and a list of meals I prep! I’m excited 😊 


Friday meetings should be illegal…

Can I tell you how much I loathe meetings on a Friday? More specifically conference calls???

I’m really disappointed that I haven’t run this week. I’ve been a total slacker and using stressful days as an excuse even though I know how much less stressed I would be if I made myself do it…

Tuesday Hustle

Now that my munchkin has decided to get back into gymnastics Tuesday’s are CA-RAZY! 

Last night we had to run home after picking her up from her Dad’s, get changed (both of us…wanted out of my scrubs!), and rush to the gym which is thankfully right around the corner from home! An hour of balance beam, kick-ups, and uneven bars I finally got to eat dinner at 8pm and munchkin had dinner #2 (can you say growth spurt?!). 

On top of all that we had to prepare for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy for the first time! My baby is growing up sooo fast 😩

Made the decision to restart my Zen labs interval training again. Going to give it a shot tonight!

Best of intentions…

All day yesterday I was prepping myself to start some weights up again. We ordered pizza. Vegged out watching Walking Dead and Talking Dead. Took a hot bath and crashed. Weights sounded so good in my head lol. Oh well, today is another day. My munchkin has gymnastics tonight which doesn’t leave me time to work out. Didn’t want two rest days in a row, but life happens. 

Weekend Warrior

After battling the flu (A and B), that turned into viral bronchitis, and eventually viral pneumonia for almost two months I’ve been hesitant to start working out again. This weekend I FINALLY felt up to it. I started where I left off with my 10K app, which I have to switch since it only gives me 10 runs. Thought I got the full app, but apparently not lol! 

On the way out I utilized the interval training, the way home I did some old fashioned speed walking. It felt great to get out and run, I forgot how calming it is for my mind. It really does quiet the negative chatter and stress. 

Living in Florida there is always great scenery for my runs 😀