I did it! I’m a half marathoner!

Yesterday was the big day, the Florida West Coast Half Marathon. Despite the small hiccup with parking I will most definitely call the day a success! The weather was super cold by Florida standards, coldest day so far at that point. There was a major head wind that I fought against at a couple different points which made it much harder to keep my steady pace. The final mile in particular was the toughest because of this wind since there was nothing to break it while we were running down the middle of the rowing course.

All I could think of was just getting to the end of the bridge. I knew my sweetie and my munchkin were waiting for me there at the finish line so I just had to get there. I was so happy to hear my sweeties voice as I exited the bridge and got a big high five before crossing the finish line!

I finished my first half marathon hitting my goal time almost exactly! My goal was between 2:30-2:45 and finished at 2:31!!! I’m walking somewhat like an elderly woman today but it was TOTALLY worth it!


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