Monday vibes

Sitting outside on my lunch, enjoying my 💣.com cucumber salad I prepped last night, listening to an old episode of the TED Radio Hour. I’m desperately hoping I can stop this migraine I can feel building. 


Best of intentions…

All day yesterday I was prepping myself to start some weights up again. We ordered pizza. Vegged out watching Walking Dead and Talking Dead. Took a hot bath and crashed. Weights sounded so good in my head lol. Oh well, today is another day. My munchkin has gymnastics tonight which doesn’t leave me time to work out. Didn’t want two rest days in a row, but life happens. 

Another Day in Paradise

Got in a semi-early run this morning and shaved 10 seconds off my mile! Went running with our German Shepherd Bella who sets a great pace. Spent the afternoon in the pool with the family which is always a blast! Rounding out the day with a family trip to Costco.

Hope everyone has had a great start to their weekend and enjoy the rest!


Slow and Steady

So Thursday my program increased the number if intervals to run and it went great, ran a total of 3.93 miles then did weight training on Friday. Today I picked up my pace and crossed over the 4 mile mark within the same time constraints as Thursday! Slowly but surely I’m increasing my distance and I’m beyond excited!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday 😃