I’m back I swear

Phew! What a long holiday weekend!! 

Managed to get a good run in Friday morning before the craziness ensued which was a plus! 

Great day/night with family: barbecue at the park which resulted in two very tired kiddos. More family time Saturday swimming and more swimming. Despite waking up with a vicious migraine Sunday I spent the first half of the day in the kitchen. Had to make sides for easter dinner: mashed sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes, both turned out super yummy 😋 While making those I got my meal prep done. 

My teriyaki chicken cooked overnight in crockpot so all I had to do was shred it. Made brown fried rice along with roasted: tri-color peppers, green beans, mushrooms, baby carrots, and broccoli. After looking at my meal tracking last week I needed to up my protein and reduce fat. Much better ratios with this meal and snack choices this week. 

As much as I didn’t want to I made myself run last night and I CRUSHED it! 3.30 miles with my interval training app plus weights. 

Definitely kicked my own ass last night but it felt great! Tonight is gymnastics night for munchkin which means late dinner. I’m debating on running the stairs in our building tonight instead of taking a rest day…


Mini Victory 

20 years ago (god that’s hard to admit😳) I competed in the Canadian High School Rowing Championships with the T.C. Williams Lightweight 8 in the 57kg division. I remember how stoked we were with the higher weight limits versus those we had had all season in the U.S. 😂

Small victory last night in the fact that: 1. I can still fit into this shirt and 2. I could still make weight 20yrs later! I may not be in as good of shape as I was 20yrs ago, but given the length of time and one kiddo later I’m taking this victory and running with it!!! I’m a work in progress and so excited about what I can achieve through this process. 

Full body weight circuit done last night followed by a delicious tuna salad! Beyond happy with last night and the fact that today is my Friday!

Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow 

After lifting weights two days in a row this weekend I am definitely feeling it! I forgot how good it feels 😀 

Saturday I completed 3.05 miles with my Zenlabs 13.1 training. I had this ‘ah hah’ moment mid-point in that run…this rush of happiness and unbelievable clarity that reminded me how much I truly loved running. I was only planning on completing my run and calling it a day but I felt so great afterwards that I decided to do some weights too! 

Sunday was weights only, full body session, alllll the squats! Then spent the evening prepping. I put together Greek turkey burgers that smelled ah-mazing and I can’t wait to did into them for lunch today!

Short week this week so all four meals prepped and ready to grab and go. 

I prepped so many veggies that I was able to make a yummy pasta primavera for dinner and have plenty left over for tonight. 

Late Night Weights

Missed weights in the AM due to a toddler in my bed when my alarm went off so we ventured out with the big boys and lifted last night. Definitely felt those split squats again as well as the lunges last night….and still feeling this morning. I’ve been dragging for the last day and a half and I am hoping to get out of this funk some time soon because it’s really getting old.

Jello Arms

I have to say with increasing my weights today my arm workout was much more fulfilling than last week! My arms were definitely shaking for each rep of the bench press. Working my way up to 8-12 reps, only able to do three sets of 5 right now but you have to start somewhere. Feeling much better like the funk is starting to lift. Looking forward to keeping on track with full body day tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Weight Training Day #2

So today what the total body weight lifting day and let me tell you, it did it’s job! Here’s a list of what we did today:

  • Side Lunge w/ Dumbbell
  • Dumbbell Deadlift
  • Hammer Curls
  • Split Squats
  • Alternating Deltoid Raise
  • Lat Pull-Downs
  • Clean and Press Barbells

My favorites today were the deadlift, split squats, and the clean & press. My last round of split squats it was hard to stand up so I know we’re on to something!

I’m so happy that I’m not going at this alone and can have someone with me to keep me pushing thru so shout out to Wendy! Saw this on Pinterest and it made me think of us this morning: