I need a vacation…

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! I definitely enjoyed my 3 day weekend 😀

Started the weekend off Friday wondering just how effective my interval training has been with increasing my endurance. My co-workers were talking about all doing a 5K ina few months and it got me thinking….dangerous right?! I decided I would see how well I could run a 5K. In less than 36mins apparently 🙌🏻 Last mile was rough but I’m super proud of myself for not giving up. 

The rest of the weekend was spent with family enjoying super yummy food I don’t normally eat. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, homemade white gravy….so worth every bite! Since my guy and I both had Monday off we decided to head to our favorite spot and do a little night fishing. Only caught a catfish, but the views didn’t disappoint!


I’m still alive I swear!

Well it’s been a long time since I logged in and lots have happened.  I’m only 3 courses away from completing my coursework with my master’s degree and will be starting my internship in January 2015. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! I also fell off the bandwagon working out. Life got overwhelming and I just couldn’t keep up.

I’m happy to report though that I have been running for the last month and a half and ran my first 5k April 26th in 35:01! A friend and I are going to start training with a personal trainer three days a week which I am so excited for! We are going to be registering for the Savage Race in October and want to be able to survive 🙂

I’ll be updating our progress with the personal trainer and my runs with the Zen Labs Half-Marathon trainer.


So with making the decision to start this journey this is my first week in the gym. I go to my local YMCA which is luckily open early so I can squeeze in an hour before I have to get ready for work. I managed to make it monday, wednesday, and this morning.

I love warming up on the erg (ergometer/rowing machine) simply because I will always have a love of rowing and it targets every area no matter if I’m focusing on legs, arms, etc. after some light stretching I move on to whichever area of machines that I want to focus on. I LOVE the leg press machine for my quads and calf muscles! That and kettlebells! They are my new obsession. I’m on Pinterest every night looking for different exercises with them. My ultimate fitness goal is to run a half-marathon so I am trying to turn myself into a runner again. My first short-term goal is to run a 5k November 28th. From there I don’t know what my next goal will be, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

I’m not sure if I will have any readers with this, but accountability is something important since I am completing this journey by myself. If you are still reading, thank you and I hope you enjoy the updates to come!