Happy Fri-Yay!

“At Garden Elementary, we grow character.”
This morning I got to start my day at the Character Breakfast Celebration where my munchkin received an award for being a shining example of gratitude. Ugh. My heart could burst with how proud I am of her and how proud she was to be recognized by her classmates and teacher for this! 

Let’s finish the week strong and make it a great weekend! Weather isn’t going to be that great in this neck of the woods but we desperately need the rain here in SWFL. We have a MASSIVE wildfire burning a few miles down I-75 from us that has been burning since last Saturday that has burned almost 4000 acres. Across the state right now there are I think close to 15 wildfires going. This time of year down here can be rough so I’m grateful for a rainy weekend and hope it puts an end to our fires for a bit. 

So Far So Good

Day 2 of meal prepping and I have to say I’m super happy. I had more energy/motivation last night to exercise with my daughter. She was so excited to learn new “mommy” exercises. Lunch today was my other option I prepped: Kraft farmers market pasta salad and mixed greens salad with balsamic reduction drizzle.

For my first day tracking macros I’d say I did pretty good 😀 

The Lose It app makes it super easy to monitor and it syncs with Apple Health which I love! Tonight is gymnastics for munchkin which means on the go until late tonight. It I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤

Gone In a Flash

Why do the weekends seem to disappear so quickly? I had every intention of going running Saturday morning until my daughter asked if she could have pancakes for breakfast. I decided that my run could wait because it was more important to spend the morning with her and my hubby. We spent most of our day playing at home in our pj’s and I have to say it was pretty amazing, haven’t done that in I don’t know how long!

Looking forward to weights tonight!