Monday Motivation 

I strive to show my daughter each and every day that she is capable of so much more than she realizes. This week she’s given me two examples that prove I’m on the right track. 

Thursday night at her make-up session for gymnastics the different teacher pushed her to try something on her own and after one unsuccessful try she nailed it! She was so proud of herself, her smile made my heart burst!

And today I get notice she was been nominated as a ‘Gracious Gator’, one of the most gracious students for the entire  kindergarten group! Ugh this girl is my world and I am so proud of her ❤️❤️❤️

Our little ones are ALWAYS watching!


Thankful & Grateful

I had to sit back and let it sink in this morning just how lucky I am to have the team of ladies I work with. It’s rare to find a group of like minded ladies which such different backgrounds and life experiences. It’s a great feeling knowing you are supported and appreciated at all levels. Such a different feeling from my previous job! 

Munchkin had such a great time at gymnastics last night after missing last week because of the ear infection. I absolutely love watching her challenge herself and have fun while doing it ❤️  She is such a cool little person!

I’m hoping I am up to a light run tonight after work. I feel like I’m going through withdrawals from not running this last week. Fingers crossed I can knock out a couple miles tonight!

Busy Little Bee

I blinked and it’s almost Friday! Munchkin had a blast at gymnastics Tuesday night and momma got her run on last night!

2.79 miles in the books! Not bad for my first day back to interval training! I downloaded a great book on macros that I have really dug into. I’m a science person so I love reading about the science behind why tracking your macros is effective. 

So far so good, excited to stick with this and create some great new healthy habits!

So Far So Good

Day 2 of meal prepping and I have to say I’m super happy. I had more energy/motivation last night to exercise with my daughter. She was so excited to learn new “mommy” exercises. Lunch today was my other option I prepped: Kraft farmers market pasta salad and mixed greens salad with balsamic reduction drizzle.

For my first day tracking macros I’d say I did pretty good 😀 

The Lose It app makes it super easy to monitor and it syncs with Apple Health which I love! Tonight is gymnastics for munchkin which means on the go until late tonight. It I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤

Tuesday Hustle

Now that my munchkin has decided to get back into gymnastics Tuesday’s are CA-RAZY! 

Last night we had to run home after picking her up from her Dad’s, get changed (both of us…wanted out of my scrubs!), and rush to the gym which is thankfully right around the corner from home! An hour of balance beam, kick-ups, and uneven bars I finally got to eat dinner at 8pm and munchkin had dinner #2 (can you say growth spurt?!). 

On top of all that we had to prepare for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy for the first time! My baby is growing up sooo fast 😩

Made the decision to restart my Zen labs interval training again. Going to give it a shot tonight!