August craziness!

This time of year is filled with ALL the craziness! From August thru September all three kiddos have birthdays (12, 8, and 6 this year 🙈). Add in all the back to school madness to the mix and it becomes a really intense time of year! 

Since I last wrote I have officially signed up for my first half-marathon!!!! I am so freaking excited, scared, overwhelmed I can barely stand it! My sweetie and I tackled back to school shopping for our kiddos and for our niece and nephew, birthday shopping for all three kiddos (and they are EPIC), and I snuck in some clothes shopping at my favorite kids consignment shop for some great deals! 

This weekend we will be celebrating the kiddos birthdays and having one last hurrah before school starts on Monday. My munchkin is starting 1st grade at a new school, but as nervous as she says she is I know how flexible she is becoming as she gets older. 

Any suggestions for my first half-marathon? Go-to products? 


Busy Little Bee

I blinked and it’s almost Friday! Munchkin had a blast at gymnastics Tuesday night and momma got her run on last night!

2.79 miles in the books! Not bad for my first day back to interval training! I downloaded a great book on macros that I have really dug into. I’m a science person so I love reading about the science behind why tracking your macros is effective. 

So far so good, excited to stick with this and create some great new healthy habits!

So Here I Am…

So here I am sitting in bed, dressed to workout, at 6:45am on my girls weekend waiting for someone to wake up and get the key to the community gym. It was a lesson in reality last night that due to kids I can’t stay up until midnight without the help of an energy drink. I know, I know. They are horrible for you but I didn’t want to call it a night before 10pm like I normally do. I haven’t seen my best friend in almost 2 years.

So here I still sit, up since 6:15, anxiously awaiting someone to wake up so I can get a good workout in. Contemplating banging some pans at this point 😜

Refuse to Snooze

I am beyond dragging today. It was so tempting to hit snooze this morning. Yesterday was little dudes first day of 2nd grade and munchkin moved from the 1 year old room to the 2 year old room. On top of that our 6 month old German Shepard was spayed yesterday so she was all kinds of pitiful. I managed to get a good leg workout in yesterday and I’m starting to feel the after effects now. Wearing new heels on leg day wasn’t the brightest things I’ve done in a while!

Today I focused on upper body and used the free motion machine for a couple exercises. I finished up with a mile on the stair climber and have to say I was pretty happy with yesterday and today’s workouts. Sometimes I walk out of the gym feeling really confident and other times I feel like I could have done more.

Happy almost hump day!