Monday Motivation 

This weekend I had my absolute, without a doubt, best run – EVER!

Friday was my weights day and I had an awesome time, but my run on Saturday took the cake! I almost caved and didn’t do it. It was intimidating. Including warm-up and cool-down the elapsed time was 1hr and that filled me with doubt. About 21mins in I reached a point that was just ‘wow’. I guess you could say it was my ‘zone’ but it felt amazing! 

I am so happy I pushed myself to stay consistent because after that 4.83 miles….I felt invincible!


Anyone have a rewind button I can use because today has gone all wrong! It started last night and bled into this morning when I realized I fell asleep while laying down with my two year old and woke up at 5am stranding my friend at the gym. Managed to get out of the house remotely on time only to realize once I was on the highway that I forgot my purse at home…which means no wallet, no glasses, no keys to my office!

Ready for this day to be over with so I can start fresh tomorrow!

My Inner Runner

My inner runner is starting to show her face again and I couldn’t be more excited. I ran my interval training program again this morning and it felt great! I’m thinking at my current pace I may be ready for my 5k faster than I thought. I need to review the schedule for runs in my area and see when I can run my first one.

Super excited!

I forgot to post my motivation for today so here it is!