Let’s Go Streaking!

Not THAT kind of streaking! Get your mind out of the gutter! 😂

A fellow runner I follow on Instagram did this last year and as soon as I saw she started it this month I just had to! Who wants to join me?! Take the challenge and walk, jog, or run 1 mile every day. If you are in Instagram make sure to tag your photo with #streakingwiththecoolkids to join this awesome community. I don’t use Facebook but there is also a group on their you can join. 

Today I know I won’t get an interval run in so I did my walk on my lunch break. 

So who’s streaking with me?!

Weekend Warrior

After battling the flu (A and B), that turned into viral bronchitis, and eventually viral pneumonia for almost two months I’ve been hesitant to start working out again. This weekend I FINALLY felt up to it. I started where I left off with my 10K app, which I have to switch since it only gives me 10 runs. Thought I got the full app, but apparently not lol! 

On the way out I utilized the interval training, the way home I did some old fashioned speed walking. It felt great to get out and run, I forgot how calming it is for my mind. It really does quiet the negative chatter and stress. 

Living in Florida there is always great scenery for my runs 😀