Happy Fri-Yay!

“At Garden Elementary, we grow character.”
This morning I got to start my day at the Character Breakfast Celebration where my munchkin received an award for being a shining example of gratitude. Ugh. My heart could burst with how proud I am of her and how proud she was to be recognized by her classmates and teacher for this! 

Let’s finish the week strong and make it a great weekend! Weather isn’t going to be that great in this neck of the woods but we desperately need the rain here in SWFL. We have a MASSIVE wildfire burning a few miles down I-75 from us that has been burning since last Saturday that has burned almost 4000 acres. Across the state right now there are I think close to 15 wildfires going. This time of year down here can be rough so I’m grateful for a rainy weekend and hope it puts an end to our fires for a bit. 

What A Week!

Seriously! What a week this has been. It seems like it has been creeping by since I’ve been looking forward to my girls weekend in Orlando.

Got in two good workouts Wednesday and Thursday. I’m proud to say I actually ran a 10 min mile Thursday when I haven’t run in years. Plus I got a compliment from hubby calling me Ms. Muscles during a shoulder rub 😃 Not bad for three weeks into my working out again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and takes time out for themselves. I’m definitely looking forward to it!!!!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!!

Very excited that today is Friday because it means I’ve made it thru my second week of training and there’s only one more week until I visit my very best friend for the weekend. After two weeks I can say I can see some small changes. I’ve started taking pictures and will continue bi-weekly to be able to visualize my results. Can’t wait to see big changes in the future!