So with making the decision to start this journey this is my first week in the gym. I go to my local YMCA which is luckily open early so I can squeeze in an hour before I have to get ready for work. I managed to make it monday, wednesday, and this morning.

I love warming up on the erg (ergometer/rowing machine) simply because I will always have a love of rowing and it targets every area no matter if I’m focusing on legs, arms, etc. after some light stretching I move on to whichever area of machines that I want to focus on. I LOVE the leg press machine for my quads and calf muscles! That and kettlebells! They are my new obsession. I’m on Pinterest every night looking for different exercises with them. My ultimate fitness goal is to run a half-marathon so I am trying to turn myself into a runner again. My first short-term goal is to run a 5k November 28th. From there I don’t know what my next goal will be, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

I’m not sure if I will have any readers with this, but accountability is something important since I am completing this journey by myself. If you are still reading, thank you and I hope you enjoy the updates to come!


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